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время помечтать

а я хочу устройство которое заменит мне и телефон и лэптоп
т.е. маленькое и достаточно продвинутое, чтобы там можно было запустить полноценную операционную систему
экран с средствами ввода, чтобы можно было где угодно им воспользоваться и в тоже время возможность подключить большой экран и новрмальную клаву с мышью

я про них читал ещё в апреле, но тут что-то опять вспомнилось

4.1" x 2.9" x 0.9" / 105mm x 74mm x 22mm; less than 9 oz. / 250 grams

What are the key features of the OQO?
The OQO ultra-personal computer runs Microsoft's WindowsXP OS and features a high-resolution, ultra-bright, 200dpi ­ 4" color LCD for optimum viewing when held in a user's hand. The OQO ultra-personal computer is powered by a Crusoe processor, has 256MB memory, a 10 or 20 GB Hard Disk Drive, a firewire (1394) port, a USB 1.1 port and an OQO docking connector (supports monitor, keyborad etc). It has a specially designed Synaptics touchscreen, an advanced lithium polymer battery, an audio out port and built-in high fidelity microphone. The device also has integrated 802.11b and Bluetooth wireless transceivers.

What wireless communications options are available?
The OQO device has built in 802.11b and Bluetooth wireless. There are options for 3G wireless including GPRS and CDMA2000. OQO is will announce other communications features at a future time.

When will the OQO ultra-personal computer be available?
The first products will be available in 1st half of 2003 by leading consumer electronics manufacturers.

How is the OQO screen different from a notebook screen?
The OQO device contains a screen with near print quality resolution resulting in a better user experience when watching MPEG formatted movies and video. The 4" diagonal LCD screen is the optimum in size and weight for holding in a hand at a typical distance that of 8-20" from the eye. The relative size of the OQO LCD is equivalent to a notebooks with a 12-14" LCD that rests on a desk at a distance of 1-2 feet from a typical user.

What is the battery life of the OQO ultra-personal computer?
OQO specified the device to maximize battery life for the complete range of PC applications. For office and email applications, the OQO ultra-personal computer has a battery life of 8 hours. For MPEG movies the average battery life is 2 hours. For MP3 music the battery life is 7 hours. The OQO device has a standby battery life of over a week.

Can the OQO device be the single PC for all of a users needs?
Yes. The OQO ultra-personal computer was designed to be able to perform all the tasks that a user needs to do in the course of a day. It is small enough to carry with you all the time ­ to meetings on the road. It is modular enough to plug into a standard docking configuration with a large screen CRT or LCD monitor, 10/100LAN and keyboard.
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