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скопилось ну просто неимоверное количество недописанных постов для жж.
но в жж как-то редко теперь пишу, хотя всё время думаю что надобы это делать.

зато пишу в твиттер. если кто не знает, twitter—это как бы блог текущего статуса. идея в том, что если делаешь что-то, то не надо по одтельности оповещать всех друзей об этом, а пишешь в твиттере и они читают. и так легко вот знать кто, чем занимается. на деле конечно далеко не все его так используют. в целом у кого как получится, но там удобно сделано для пользования с мобильника, но посты ограничены 140 символами.
twitter dimka screenshot
пишу по-английски (т.е. ещё более коряво чем по-русски)

i am really optimistic about most things around me. and i am in the really great mood most of the time. i'll try to keep it that way )))
half a minute ago from web

friday night, i am working and enjoying it a lot
about 7 hours ago from web

trying to sort things in my head, it is full of dreams and working projects and random collections of piles of misc somethings
11:43 AM Dec 11th from web

six a.m. strange time for me. and the strangest is that i am already up
6:01 AM Dec 11th from web

finally got some traction with paperwork, and looks like sleeping regime is getting fixed too
5:42 AM Dec 11th from web

i spent all day fighting with bureaucratic/idiotic system. so far they are winning, it looks like i'll have to fight with them for a while
6:20 PM Dec 8th from web

No internet at home for almost a day. Inconvinient in a big way
2:47 AM Dec 8th from mobile web

we walked around moscow last night, laughed at ridiculous street decoration. too bad was to dark to take pictures (without a camera)
10:21 AM Dec 7th from web

once you unhook yourself from the system, all things standard and normal seem so crappy and stupid
10:17 AM Dec 7th from web

i don't know
8:51 AM Dec 5th from web

my sleeping hours are totally messed up. sometimes i go to sleep after 9am, and often sleep 1-2 hours at a time. this is not that productive
8:49 AM Dec 5th from web

more and more people in moscow are using macs now, it became noticeable. lots of people use iphones. i saw g1 here once. roverpc is popular.
10:42 PM Dec 3rd from web

went to gorbushka (the biggest computer market in moscow) - the kingdom of pirated software, films & music. they sell electronics there too
10:37 PM Dec 3rd from web

food in moscow is so damn good, except for sushi
5:43 AM Dec 2nd from web

watched the beginning of dr.strangelove (i've seen this movie many time), and just thought, that some people are nuts and we trust them (((
5:42 AM Dec 2nd from web

i'm overwhelmed with mesmerizing ideas, but sport some amazing reluctance to act on it. yet, i am always occupied & enjoy every minute.
3:06 AM Dec 2nd from web

i make my paintings & drawings using all sorts of media - all-photoshop, paper-scan-photoshop, paper, canvas, but no tablet yet. i need one
4:17 AM Dec 1st from web

when we got home, about 10am, still drunk, fell asleep and now it is dark outside again. eating pelmeni now, tiny (1.5 gram each), mmm
7:57 PM Nov 30th from web

on saturday we went to see futureshorts film festival at 35mm, then to bilingua, then pony hoax at 16tonn, then hanged out at friend's place
7:55 PM Nov 30th from web

i am out of room on my hdd again. data pollution. advances in storage technologies are late.
6:23 AM Nov 29th from web

on friday we slept till sunset and then went outside for a bit and sit for few hours in the kitchen surfing the web. did some clean up too.
6:20 AM Nov 29th from web

on thursday we went to vinzavod for japanese marketing photography exibition, then evening with yuri norshteyn and then to shanti for tea.
6:18 AM Nov 29th from web

it snows in moscow, i have not seen snow like that for almost three years
8:17 AM Nov 26th from web

i am in jfk, already on board. and i am surrounded by two big groups: hasidic jews and dagestanian restling team. It's all so damn funny
4:24 AM Nov 25th from TwitterFon

on monday (basically today) i am catching a bus to nyc, and then i fly to moscow from jfk.
9:45 AM Nov 24th from web

my life is so good, even though i had to edit giant spreadsheet. whenever cell numbers are something like AH48 i feel it is way too much
9:43 AM Nov 24th from web

i was pleasantly surprised by progress of bank of america atms. no need for envelops, and they can take cash and checks, and even ocr them
2:53 AM Nov 23rd from web

made another kazya mazya image
2:50 AM Nov 23rd from web

i hate accounting and billing and all things to do with law, paperwork and bureaucracy
2:48 AM Nov 23rd from web

watched lots of david icke, and other bbc5 stuff. interesting connections to ayahuasca and transerfing.
2:46 AM Nov 23rd from web

installed iphone os 2.2 - nice, walking directions, street view and YES switching off the auto-correction
2:42 AM Nov 23rd from web

there are some countries in the world where making things happen is not that simple. and russia is just of of those
3:15 AM Nov 20th from web

it feels like i bring a cold weather whenever i go. i was so happy that i got new winter jacket when i got to washington
6:25 PM Nov 19th from web

last weekend was awesome. things are great in general. lots of work, lots of time with friends. life is wanderful, i enjoy it a lot
4:31 AM Nov 19th from web

i am on a chinese bus, between philly and d.c. and they have wifi here.
4:29 AM Nov 19th from web

Hanging out in east vilage in nyc
10:23 PM Nov 16th from TwitterFon

got my ticket to moscow from nyc. nov 24 it is. non-stop flight. before that boston, nyc, d.c. nyc
6:22 AM Nov 15th from web

I got to boston. Today I was in Moscow, Zurich and Basel. Long day
4:49 AM Nov 13th from TwitterFon

new animated film by miyazaki "ponyo on a cliff". such a great one. now i want to go to japan. the way they raise children is so much better
2:31 PM Nov 11th from web

on sunday we went to "sunday up market" and got two awesome t-shirts from braindesign. it was a nice fair
2:28 PM Nov 11th from web

i am flying to boston this wednessday, stopping by in zurich and basel
12:24 AM Nov 8th from web

little victories over bureaucracy in a sub-zero moscow temperatures
12:22 AM Nov 8th from web

Upcoming versions of Firefox and Opera will play natively Ogg/Theora videos with the new HTML5 element <video src="file.ogv"></video>
12:28 PM Nov 5th from web

fcc approved unlicensed use of white-space spectrum, just in time for first obama got elected too. both are important, maybe 1st is more
12:06 PM Nov 5th from web

at last i've moved from siteground. those bustards showed themselves from an ugly side, it took them 8 days to let me get it.
2:29 PM Nov 4th from web

finally managed to install and run bluefish editor on mac os x. it's a great editor, but it runs only under fink, thus it's not native.
2:26 PM Nov 4th from web

last night we went to see "a complete history of my sexual failures" really awesome movie. Chris and Alex came ))
2:56 PM Nov 3rd from web

just watched ZEITGEIST: ADDENDUM even stronger than the first one. and they really push Jacque Fresco, who I was promoting for a while.
4:52 AM Nov 2nd from web

halloween is not really a halloween in moscow (((( same as new year is not really a new year in usa
6:51 PM Nov 1st from web

taking a night train to moscow tonight
4:49 PM Oct 30th from web

i've many domains, few hosted by siteground, bustards cut me off coz i have too many files, thus violate their terms. went dark
3:00 PM Oct 27th from web

Got to Minsk. It's pretty cold here, but nice
10:08 AM Oct 22nd from TwitterFon

watched a lot of futurama, they rule
4:29 PM Oct 21st from web

i found bluefish, it is a really good html, etc editor. too bad it does not have a native port to mac, so i'll use it in ubuntu for now.
5:10 PM Oct 18th from web

i upgraded my unlocked iphone to v.2.1. pretty cool. upgrading went very smooth, and all my settings are intact
2:08 AM Oct 18th from web

ну и так далее
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